Duct Installation & Repair

Leaky Ducts Can Cost You Money

Because your air duct system is largely out of sight, it is easy to overlook. Unlike a plumbing leak, it’s hard to tell when your duct system is leaking air. Every bit of air that you pay to heat and cool is distributed throughout this system. If your air ducts are in need of repairs, you may as well be tossing money out the window.

Duct Work Repair in GarlandOver time your duct work, like all other components of your heating and air conditioning system, will begin to degrade. They may corrode due to moisture, or they may loosen and tear during operation. Whatever the cause of your air duct issues, any compromises in integrity will result in an inefficient and ineffective heating and air conditioning performance. Air will be allowed to escape from your system, and as more air is heated and cooled to replace the lost energy, your home comfort systems will be put under unnecessary wear and tear.

Damaged air ducts can also reduce comfort as well as efficiency. When air is lost due to holes and tears or blocked off due to kinks and twists in duct work, uneven heating and cooling may result. The development of hot and cold spots throughout your home is an indicator of having damaged air ducts. If you’ve experience such issues in your home, or think you may need duct repair, please contact us at 972–494–1957 to schedule a ductworks inspection.

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