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Programmable Thermostats and Zone Control

Smart, Programmable or Traditional Thermostats

There are a number of different thermostat styles for you to choose from, and the Trane Wi-fi Thermostatsone most appropriate for your lifestyle depends on a number of factors. Some people enjoy simple, easy to use thermostats. Others prefer technology that allows them greater temperature control. Whichever you choose, King Air will help you to use it to its fullest potential.

We’re big fans of the new breed of smart thermostats. These amazing devices have several features the modern home owner may enjoy, including:

  • Built-in Nexia Home Bridge, the hub for the Nexia™ Home Intelligence system
  • Displays live weather information so you know what to expect outdoors
  • 7-inch high-definition color touchscreen is easy to use in any light
  • Allows for zoning or room-by-room control
  • Digital picture display- when not in use, display a single picture or an entire slideshow
  • Advanced 7-day programmable settings
  • Easy-to-use user interface and highly customizable screens

All this new technology aside, there is nothing wrong with the old manual thermostats that many of us grew up with. They are still a popular option among those looking for a simple thermostat solution. A basic digital thermostat, though, can offer the same simple operation while actually making proper temperature maintenance easier.

Zone Control Systems

Zone control systems heat and cool your home more efficiently by allowing you to heat and cool different areas of your home individually. When you are entertaining guests in your den, there is no reason to maintain the same temperature in the empty bedrooms upstairs. In order to save energy, a zone control system allows you to manipulate the heating and cooling of different rooms (or zones) throughout your home. Closer to bedtime, you can adjust the temperatures in these rooms and expect to have a comfortable sleeping environment waiting for you.

Plus, it is obvious to anyone that does not live alone that different people are comfortable at different temperatures. This can lead to a lot of disputes over what temperature to set the thermostat to. With a zone control system at your hands, you will no longer need to have these unnecessary arguments. Simply adjust temperatures in different zones individually to keep everyone comfortable and happy. Call the zone control system professionals at King Air Conditioning, Inc. for more info, or simply schedule your service online!


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