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Garland, TX Furnace Tune Up & Maintenance

Just like your AC unit, your gas furnace requires an annual tune-up to keep it ready to work at peak efficiency when you need it most. Don’t confuse this with regular maintenance, a tune-up is best done just once a year in late Spring or early Fall.


Here’s what you can expect from our 18-point Texas Tune Up furnace service call:

  1. Visual inspection of heat exchanger
  2. Inspect air filter
  3. Check thermocouple / igniter
  4. Check fan switch operation
  5. Check furnace sequence of operation
  6. Inspect pilot light
  7. Check combustion motor safety
  8. Gas pressure
  9. Operationally check limit safety control
  10. Check blower motor
  11. Lubricate motor where possible
  12. Leak check gas line from furnace shut off valve to the burners
  13. Inspect combustion air motor & openings
  14. Inspect flue pipe
  15. Secure all panels
  16. Check thermostat operation
  17. Carbon monoxide test
  18. Supply air temp & return air temp


We’ll confirm that your furnace is operating correctly, or let you know what needs to be repaired to insure a safe, efficient heating system for your home. And, you will receive a written report that will detail the safety, installation and current operating condition of your heating system.

Questions about our tune-up process? Or want to schedule an appointment? Call us at 972-494-1957 or schedule a furnace tune-up online!

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