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Indoor Air Quality

Need Help with Your Furnace Filter?

We’re happy to help with this seemingly simple task! Just give us a call, as we’re familiar with all heating appliances. Of course our indoor air quality services go well beyond furnace filter replacement. We sell and service a wide variety of home air filtration and purification systems as well.

Mechanical Furnace FiltersMechanical air filters, for example use an active electromagnetic field to magnetize both airborne particles and the fibers of the disposable filter pad. This creates a virtual “force field” within the ductwork, capturing many of the smallest, most dangerous to breathe submicron airborne particles. When the air is recycled through the the MicroPower Guard® in your ductwork, this air cleaner will remove 97% of particles at .3 microns.


Air Purifiers are a more advanced approach to boosting indoor air quality. Unlike stand-alone “air purifiers” that cannot circulate air, the systems we prefer are installed in your ductwork and take advantage of the concentrated air that is passing through the ducts. Plano Texas Air PurifierAs the cooled or heated air is forced through the ducts and passes in front of the ultraviolet light, microorganisms are killed or disabled. Either way, these pollutants are no longer airborne. The result is cleaner, fresher and healthier air throughout your home.

Ozone levels are also something to bear inn mind with air purifiers. The EPA warns of the harmful effects of room air purification systems that create ozone. We agree with the EPA that the higher levels of ozone produced by these room air purifiers can cause harmful side effects. Due to this fact, King Air does not promote the use of any air cleaner that produces ozone directly into the living space. Our OxyQuantum units are installed in your duct work and produce low levels of ozone inside the ducts, not in the living area.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to these systems, give us a call at 972-457-3152 and we’ll get your questions answered!

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