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6 Ways to Improve your Indoor Air Quality in Texas

6 Ways to Improve your Indoor Air Quality in Texas

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Indoor Air Quality in Texas

Some people may think of air pollution as something that only happens outside, such as with smog and ozone. However, indoor air quality in Texas and other parts of the world is a real issue. Having a well-insulated home keeps the inside at the temperature you want it, but it often makes the air indoors stale. Stale air can carry a variety of contaminants that pose health problems. If you follow our advice on air quality, you can breathe easy when you’re relaxing at home.

Here are six tips for improving your indoor air quality in Texas:


Be diligent about cleaning

A simple way to help your home’s air quality is to keep your home clean. Dust mites are a common contaminant that tend to linger in the fabrics around your home. It’s important to regularly clean things like rugs and drapes to keep dust to a minimum. This is especially important if you have pets that tend to leave dandruff.


Keep your vents clean

As well as cleaning your home, you should also clean your vents. Vents act as a way to circulate air around your home. However, it’s common for them to have dust accumulate or mold to grow in them. Having a company like King Air clean them out can do a lot to keeping your home fresh.


Maintain your AC properly

Air conditioners do more than keep your home cool. ACs help refresh the stale air and keep your home’s air from getting too humid. Almost every AC has a filter inside that helps filter out dust and other contaminants. Properly cleaning the filters and maintaining your AC can help your air stay clean.


Let outside air in

If you live in an area with little outdoor air pollution, it’s a good idea to open the windows once in a while. The fresher outdoor air can get an opportunity to replace that stale air indoors. In addition, it’s also useful to use a fan in the kitchen to help air out cooking fumes.


Use an air purifier

If you have allergies to indoor allergens, you might want to consider getting an air purifier. By buying some, you can help cut down on the allergens floating around in your home. Similarly, it may be useful to install a dehumidifier somewhere like your basement. This can help minimize mold growth, a common problem with basements.


Use milder cleaning substances

If the smell of ammonia and bleach is bothering you, try replacing them with milder cleaning products. For example, an even mix of water and vinegar can clean windows and cut through grease and mildew. Similarly, you should avoid buying paint, paint remover, and similar products in bulk. That way, you can avoid having extra containers of those products. Even when sealed, they can emit fumes that will hurt your air quality.


How can King Air help with my home’s air quality?

King Air, an HVAC company with 40 years of experience, is more than happy to help with your home’s air! We sell and service a wide variety of home air filters and purifiers, none of which emit ozone. In addition, our experience working with AC units and heaters means we’re more than capable of helping with your unit’s filters. Call King Air today to learn more about keeping your home’s air fresh!

By Brian Renadette

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