King Air Conditioning is Nearby, On Call and Local

The HVAC pros at King Air Conditioning, Inc., can fix your air conditioning system in Garland, TX, that’s who! Our team of certified HVAC professionals is nearby, on-call and available today. Just give us a call at 972-494-1957.

What’s involved in fixing your AC system, you ask? Well, there can be several issues impacting your AC systems ability to cool your house, and our local HVAC techs will check them all, including drain, air filter, motor capacitor, compressor, and condenser coil.

And, we’re not just experts in AC repair. We also handle furnace installation, indoor air quality and we can install and program your new, smart thermostat.

Garland, TX AC Repair Services

  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • New AC Installation
  • Air Duct Repair and Service
  • AC Tune Up
  • Thermostats & Zone Control
  • Fix a Broken Thermostat

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction /money back guarantee on the air conditioning repair service or work we perform. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means that you cannot lose when you schedule AC or furnace service with us. For one year after the initial service, we will come and resolve any issues your heating or cooling system has, that are related to the work we performed, no questions asked.

If necessary, we will remove the equipment, a faulty part or material, and refund your money right away. We have total confidence in the abilities and workmanship of our technicians, which is why we are able to offer such a great satisfaction guarantee with total confidence. You have nothing to lose, so why not schedule your next HVAC service with King Air Conditioning, Inc.? We have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1995, and we are proud to boast an A+ rating.