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Heating and Cooling Your Basement

Heating and Cooling Your Basement

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basement heating and cooling by King Air in Texas

You’re doing some renovations on your basement, and there’s one question left on your mind: how should I heat and cool it? There are plenty of options when it comes to controlling the temperature in your basement. We can provide some basic tips that can help influence your decision. If that’s not enough, we can provide our expert knowledge on what you’ll need. Then, when you’ve made your final decision, our professionals can step in and install your basement’s heating and/or cooling

There are a few key questions you want to consider when looking at your options:

    1. How often will I use my basement? Some people treat their basements like it’s just another room in the house that will see plenty of use, especially when company comes over. Others simply use their basement as a place to store extra junk. Depending on how often you use it, heating and cooling systems may not be as much of a priority.
    2. Can I extend my current HVAC system, if I have one? If your home has an HVAC system, it might be possible to extend it to your basement. If a qualified HVAC technician says it’s possible, you can have the current ductwork extended into the basement. This is much easier to do if the basement is unfinished or in the early stages of remodeling.
    3. How will my local climate affect my decision? Depending on where you live, heating and/or cooling may be a much bigger concern than usual. If you live down in Florida, you’ll likely be more interested in cooling options. In colder areas, you’ll be more interested in something like baseboard heaters.
    4. How will the floor plan affect things? Odds are you already have some heating, cooling, or plumbing components in your basement. When designing your basement, you’ll want this equipment closed off for functional and aesthetic reasons. However, you don’t want them closed off entirely, as you’ll likely need to do future maintenance. A good idea is to have a ventilated utility or mechanical room to conceal the equipment.


Once you’ve considered all of your options, you should have a good idea of what you’re looking for. If you still aren’t sure what you need, you can always ask one of our professionals for their opinion.


Why is King Air the company of choice for my basement heating and cooling?

King Air Conditioning & Heating has provided top-notch HVAC services since 1979. We’ve given our customers in the Dallas area 100% satisfaction with our truly exceptional service. As an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau since 1995, ‘We Do It Right!’ Call us today to get more information on your options for basement heating and cooling!

By Brian Renadette

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